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Anabolic Window (5lb/2.27kg)

Anabolic Window (5lb/2.27kg)

Brand: Nutrabolics
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Pre/Post-Workout Recovery & Growth Matrix


Sport nutritionists have known for years that macronutrients like proteins and carbs are needed within 30 minutes before and after training to maximize muscle tissue repair and glycogen replenishment.  Because of the positive effect proper nourishment during these time periods can have on your body's anabolic processes, they have been termed: “anabolic windows of opportunity".  During these 30 pre and post-workout minutes, the metabolic machinery in your body is primed to absorb the nutrients needed to grow muscle tissues and to help prevent muscle-degenerating catabolic processes.  Ensuring that you have a well timed, quality supply of healthy protein, carbs, and amino acids can make or break your results in the gym.  Here's where Anabolic Window™ comes in.


Anabolic Window™ is a growth and recovery matrix engineered to maximize your pre and post-workout opportunities for enhanced anabolism and nutrient receptivity.  This award-winning blend contains fast-absorbing carbs, premium triple-isolate protein, and a matrix of amino acids, so you can help ensure that you have a surplus of critical muscle building pre-cursors heading in to your workout, and that you are optimizing your repair and growth coming out.  Our brand new formula tastes even better and is now packing a massive 43 grams of high-quality whey protein per serving!



To help maximize muscle reocvery and growth, mix 1 serving (3 scoops) of ANABOLIC WINDOW™ in 12 to 16 ounces of water within approximately 30 minutes after exercise.


Nutrabolics Anabolic Window Supplement Info


Frequently Asked Questions:


A. ANABOLIC WINDOW™ is muscle recovery and pre-workout nourishment supplement that is perfectly balanced to take advantage of your body's anabolic windows of opportunity. This advanced formula starts working immediately after consumption to repair muscle tissue and rapidly restore depleted glycogen stores. Anabolic Window™ combines the power of the fastest acting protein commercially available with a time-released carbohydrate blend, which will help recharge your system, rebuild your muscles, inhibit catabolism (muscle breakdown), and increase cell volumization.


Q. Why is post-workout nutrition so critical and how can Anabolic Window help?

A. After intense exercise, the body is in a highly catabolic state due to drastically decreased blood sugar and insulin levels. In order to maximize protein synthesis and counter-act the conditions leading to muscle catabolism, you need to take full advantage of this time of heightened nutrient receptivity in your body. Anabolic Window™ provides what your body demands by flooding your bloodstream with the best nutrition available during this critical time period.  Muscle damage caused by training is repaired with our triple-isolate whey protein and anabolic amino acid matrices, while glycogen, ATP, insulin, and nutrient stores are reloaded via our Waxy Maize carb matrix - all at a highly accelerated rate. This precision-engineered formula can also help increase the secretion of natural Growth Hormone (GH) and testosterone in the body.



Q. What makes ANABOLIC WINDOW™ different from other post-workout supplements?

A. Like all Nutrabolics products, Anabolic Window contains only the highest quality, next-generation food energy sources. Each serving contains approx. 47 grams (depending on flavor) of premium time-released carbohydrates and approx. 43 grams (depending on flavor) of the fastest absorbing protein commercially available. But what really sets this formula apart from other post-workout supplements is its Anabolic Amino Acid Matrix, which diversifies and extends the effects of the protein, carbs, fats, and amino acids in Anabolic Window.  This exact formula cannot be found in any other post-workout supplement on the market.


Q. How does Anabolic Window’s™ Anabolic Amino Acid Matrix work?

A. This matrix stimulates healthy Nitric Oxide production through L-Norvaline and L-Arginine, which dilate your blood vessels to deliver a large, sustained dose of anabolic branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) directly to your muscles!  This dosage of helpful BCAAs includes L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine, L-Carnitine, L-Taurine, L-Lysine, and L-Glycine, and will dramatically reinforce your body’s recovery processes and growth potential. L-Lecine is especially critical as it is only one of 3 amino acids that are digested right inside your muscles. The Anabolic Amino Acid Matrix also contains designer compounds that work to increase cell volume, nutrient uptake and maximize ATP production in muscle cells.


Q. Who should use ANABOLIC WINDOW™?

A. Any athlete who wants to build rock-hard muscle and experience maximum muscle growth and recovery should make Anabolic Window their competitive edge.  This supplement is great for anyone who wants to take full control over their body's anabolic processes without having to think about the many sources that they would otherwise need to find this combined supplement power.  Anabolic Window has been perfectly formulated to take advantage of your personal opportunities for maximum anabolism.


Benefits and Supports:

BENEFIT: Supports increased recovery and muscle growth.

SUPPORT: ANABOLIC WINDOW™ delivers almost 60% of its total calories from a unique blend of time-released carbohydrates that immediately boost blood glucose levels. This triggers an increase in insulin production (the body’s most anabolic hormone), which removes cortisol from your muscles. Anabolic Window’s premium waxy maize carbs also cause glycogen biogenesis in the muscle cells throughout your entire body and in your liver. Because Glycogen fuels muscle contractions and extends rep stamina, this benefit highlights Anabolic Window’s effectiveness as a pre-workout.  Each serving also contains approx. 43 grams (depending on flavor) of high-quality protein, which is essential for any bodybuilder’s diet.


BENEFIT: Inhibits muscle breakdown.

SUPPORT: ANABOLIC WINDOW™ contains a multi-phase carbohydrate matrix that halts muscle breakdown (catabolism) by stimulating the hormones needed to remove cortisol from the muscles. Our advanced formula also provides the recovery precursors and targeted nutrients needed to enhance protein synthesis and energy recovery.


BENEFIT: Supports nutrient transport and deposition.

SUPPORT: ANABOLIC WINDOW™ contains an ultra-fast-acting blend of proteins and carbohydrates with a superior natural transport system.  The speed with which your body is provided the nutrients it needs to counteract muscle-degeneration and boost recovery is unparalleled.


BENEFIT: Contains a powerful amino acid matrix

SUPPORT: Unlike typical post-workouts, ANABOLIC WINDOW™ contains a large dose of helpful BCAA's, Glutamine pre-cursors, and Nitric Oxide stimulating amino acids which help fuel muscle building and recovery processes in your body.