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Isomorph WPI 28 (3kg)

Isomorph WPI 28 (3kg)

Brand: APS
Product Code: VH790
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APS Isomorph WPI

Designed For

• Bodybuilders, Strength and Recreational Athletes, and Weight Lifters to Enhance Muscle Protein
Synthesis for Building Muscle and Strength
• All Individuals Who Desire to Augment Their Diets with a High-Quality Protein Supplement

Primary Ingredients

• Whey Protein Isolates

Key Selling Points

• Pure Whey Isolate Formulation - Quadruple-Processed Using Ultra and Micro Filtration, Ion Exchange and Hydrolysis
• 28g Protein Per Serving
• Unrivaled in Taste
• Available in Chocolate, Vanilla, Orange Creamsicle, Strawberry, Banana and Cookies N’ Cream