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TEST Powder (240g)

TEST Powder (240g)

Brand: USP Labs
Product Code: VH540
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TEST Powder

  • The Alpha Activator
  • Multi-Pathway Ergogenic
  • Lean Mass Test Matrix
  • 4 Week Cycle
  • Each Loaded Serving Is Equivalent To 20 Capsules!

*Using 500mg Capsules (Including Excipients)

One word... Alpha...

The lead dog. The one everyone envies and are subconsciously drawn to... Alpha has built empires, even when those who possess it are not even close to perfect physical specimens...

It’s safe to say there’s not a man in America, or the world for that matter, that deep down doesn’t want more “alpha”...

...Just a little bit so the girl who doesn’t know you exist all of a sudden feels tingly upon your presence...

…So that moment of being tongue tied is replaced with laughter and room control...

...So that dbag that likes to mess with you thinks twice and moves on to an easier target...

You want more Alpha? Then you need TEST Powder: The Alpha Activator

Amazing Formula:

TEST Powder is quickly garnering a reputation as THE best formulated test product ever to hit the market…

With its unique formulation, incredible value (each bottle lasts 4 weeks!) and incredible feedback, it’s no wonder why TEST Powder has become the “go-to” product practically overnight…

Completely Loaded:

Why did we make TEST Powder in powder form and not capsules?

Simple, no one wants to swallow 20 pills a day…and that’s what it would take…THAT’S how loaded this bad boy is…


Tastes Amazing:

The incredible Fruit Punch and Blue Raspberry flavors will bring you back to childhood…and…more incredible flavors are right around the corner…

Just imagine what you could accomplish with some of that. Unlock your true potential and become leader of the pack. Think anything could stop you?


Test Powder