Fusion CoQ10 150mg (60 Capsules)




FUSION Health® CoQ10


Product Description:

FUSION Health® CoQ10 is produced by natural fermentation in accordance with strict pharmaceutical standards. Rigorous laboratory testing throughout production ensures FUSION Health natural CoQ10 is free of yeast related as well as other allergens and is bio-identical to co-enzyme Q10 produced in the human body i.e. 100% trans-isomer co-enzyme Q10.

FUSION Health CoQ10 does not contain any inactive cis-isomer molecules as found in synthetic co-enzyme Q10. Research indicates that absorption and transportation into the body via the lymphatic system is maximised when natural co-enzyme Q10 is taken with or after food in a soy oil based, soft gel capsule.

This form of co-enzyme Q10 has high bioavailability because it is absorbed directly into the lymphatics where it is processed for fast transportation to body organs and cells with the highest energy requirements.


• Benefit mitochondrial function and oxygen uptake

• Enhance energy (ATP) production, muscle activity and exercise tolerance

• Support the body’s most metabolically active organs and tissues e.g. heart


Dosage Recommendations:

  • Take 1 capsule once daily
  • Do not take while on warfarin therapy without professional advice.

Use only as directed. Always read label. If symptoms persist consult a health care professional.

Ingredients: Each capsule contains

  • ubidecarenone (ubiquinone) natural fermented, purified, bio-identified and standardised to 100mg, in a soy oil base

No artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, yeast, nuts, wheat, gluten or dairy products


Available in 30 and 60 capsule sizes.